Social Media: What is YOUR Personality?

Nicole's Twitter PageAs a student in Kelli Matthews’ Strategic Public Relations Communication class this term, I am required to post a weekly response to her Linky Love posts. Each week, Kelli posts a blog chalk full of links to some of her favorite posts for the week. This week my favorite of the bunch was from a blog titled The Social Roadmap. The topic of choice was a person’s social media personality.

In an increasingly viral world, it is becoming more crucial that we think first before putting content on the web. No matter what the media du jour is—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or even a blog—one must now think before he or she types and publishes.

This blog points out that when the opportunity for an IRL (in real life meet up) approaches, the idea is that your companion not be taken aback by the inconsistencies between your social media personality and your actual one. More and more people are finding job opportunities through the Internet, making love connections and forming friendships. If we project a tinted version of ourselves online, it could potentially bite us in the rear later on.

This leads a blogger to question: how am I projecting myself on the web? Am I being consistent? Am I interactive, or simply noisy? To summarize the words of Sam Fiorella, blogger of The Social Roadmap, our social media personality is developed by how well we ask, listen, contribute and mediate.

This post pushed me to ask myself how well I do each of those things, and I realized that I produce a but more noise than necessary, however my content matches up with my interests. Therefore, my goal of the term is to quiet down the noise and raise the substance of my postings. So thank you, Sam Fiorella, for your insightful post about social media personality!


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