Linky Love: Graduating? Read this!

GraduationFor this week’s Linky Love, I was instantly captured by Kelli’s first selection: What skills (tangible or conceptual) do public relations students need as they graduate from college? Unlike other links Kelli shares, this one was not a blog post—instead, it was a question that she posted on Quora, the latest social media tool. From my understanding, quora is an arena for people to post questions and answers. The site aims to be the best resource for each question.

The reason that this post caught my eye is simple: I am a soon-to-be college graduate with a journalism degree in public relations. When I clicked through to this page, I hoped that I might find some helpful suggestions; I was right.

Right off the bat a response from Mr. Richard Bailey caught my eye: “Intangible: curiosity and a desire to learn.” Many of my peers and colleagues have ended up in industries that they have no interest in pursuing a career with, and are therefore unsatisfied and uninspired. It is important for those of us looking to jump into the job market to search for something we will be curious and eager to learn about. Just as I have no desire to sit through a calculus class and learn about mathematics, someone in a job they are not particularly interested in may find a hard time learning more about that industry.

Another response to Kelli’s question on Quora was by Eleanor Biddulph. Hers is extremely pertinent to my classmates and me this term: “Communicating is not just about delivering the message, but about asking the right questions and then listening to the answers. Failure to do so can result in disaster.”

Our Strategic Public Relations Communication class is tailored to teach us about being active listeners as well as participants, particularly in the blog-o-sphere. Anyone can produce fluff and noise on the Internet or through different media, however it is about reading and researching in order to ask the right questions in the proper arenas. Ms. Biddulph touches on this concept in her suggestion, highlighting not only the topic for this class, but also an important tip for life in the world of public relations.


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