A Linky Love for Resume Builders

For this particular Linky Love I am choosing to focus on a post by Lindsay Olson, a PR recruiter, which addresses the topic of what questions a resume should answer. I thought that this was an extremely useful post, since I am a soon-to-be super senior graduate of the University of Oregon and am constantly updating my resume. This post covers the basics of resume drafting, and what recruiters search for when sifting through stacks of potential candidates. Some of my favorite takeaways are:

–       Avoid an objective: Use a cover letter to address the job specifics and qualities that the description calls for. Cover letters are more personal and present an opportunity to showcase your abilities.

–       Details, details, details! As Olson puts it, “Your resume should answer what your Linkedin profile doesn’t.” Quantify as much as you can and describe how you’ve solved problems in past jobs.

–       Why do you fit? Be sure to include descriptions of the companies that you previously worked for. According to Olson, recruiters will look for a reason why you might fit into their company, and if they do not know the missions of your past employers they may not give your resume much thought.

I found this post extremely helpful. It seems that no matter how many lectures and discussions we receive on resumes, my peers and I still have questions. Lindsay Olson managed to hit some of the most helpful tips in a short and readable blog post that I will be sure to reference the next time I update my resume.


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