Linky Love Interview Tips

After falling a bit behind with my Linky Love posts, I am finally back on top with this one! This time, I chose to write about a post regarding job interviews. Marie Raperto, a communications recruiter, writes about key characteristics that hiring managers look for on her blog titled The Hiring Hub. For this particular post, Ms. Raperto outlines ten interview tips that almost guarantee that you will be asked back for round two.

I found this post very helpful when I read it this weekend because I happened to have had an interview last Friday. Although that particular interview was over, it was reassuring to see that some of the tactics I had used were covered in this blog. As for the rest of the tips, well, I can assure you that I will be putting them into practice next time! Some of the tips that I pride myself on executing were:

–       Develop a natural dialogue with the interviewer. This seems to be a common piece of advice that I have heard quite often. Especially in the communications world, it seems to be high up on recruiters’ lists. Luckily, in my Friday interview, I clicked with my interviewer quite well and we hit it off nicely. My only weak point here would be getting the interview back on track!

–       Don’t prepare too much. The first time I ever went on an interview, I was extremely over-prepared. Everything out of my mouth was scripted, and when the interviewer asked a question that I had not anticipated, I froze. Over time I have learned that, as long as you know your resume like the back of your hand and you know the description of the job, you should be OK!

–       Thank the interviewer. I learned about this tip from former Allen Hall Public Relations firm director, Kristina Rhodes. Kristina stressed the importance of leaving a lasting impression with a handwritten thank you note. I will admit, I usually resort to email, but this tip is still a golden one.

As far as Raperto’s suggestions that I plan to employ in my future interviews, here are my favorites:

–       Watch for opportunities to ask questions. This one is big for me—I always wait for the interviewer to ask if I have any questions about the position. Raperto mentions that being proactive in this area shows that you have done your homework about the company.

–       Respond briskly. I have always taken a moment to think about my answer, and will definitely work on my speed, thanks to Raperto.

–       Avoid negative terms in answers. Spinning negatives into positives is something that I am constantly working on.

As students, we can never have enough feedback from industry professionals. With graduation just around the corner, interview tips are especially important during this time of the year!


One thought on “Linky Love Interview Tips

  1. krhodey

    Thank you for the shout out Nicole! It is the #1 thing that I always stand by. In this day and age, so few people actually write handwritten thank you notes. In a job hunt, you want to stand out and be poised and professional, right? What better way. My favorite personal stationary comes from Crane and Co. and I also always like to toss in one of my calling cards too. 🙂


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