Midweek Madness

Dick Vitale at UNC vs. Duke

While I am not a Dick Vitale fan, this picture perfectly encompases March Madness. Courtesy of zimbio.com.

Well, it’s here. Dead week. For the boys living above me, it means a game of quarters and loud techno music. In the Journalism school, this means that ALL of our projects are due. After two presentations and a paper, I am putting my studies on temporary hold to write about the most important issue of the month: college basketball. With Selection Sunday approaching and Round 1 next week, I am pee-your-pants excited to see who makes the final cut. With Corey Fisher and Villanova knocked out in the first round of the Big East tournament, teams that are teetering on the bubble have to prove themselves in conference tourney play this weekend. My personal favorite, St. John’s, took Rutgers this afternoon in quite the controversial win when the referees failed to blow the whistle on an out of bounds and travelling call in the last 1.7 seconds. Brutal. Either way, I like to think that St. John’s would have gotten a tournament bid anyway—they certainly deserve one after upsetting Duke, UCONN and Pitt all in one season.

Usually with March Madness I have some idea of who to choose to make it to the final rounds—not this year. I couldn’t even select an accurate Elite 8. My personal favorites, however, are UCONN (Kemba Walker, you are THE man), St. John’s, Syracuse, Marquette and Kansas. Syracuse runs that lanky up-and-down offense that is irresistible to watch. Marquette is an underdog favorite. Kansas has had a hell of a season, excuse me for saying so, and in that case, I can’t really help but pull for them. And then there’s Duke. That Blue Devil pride and Coach K’s oddly intriguing voice and demeanor tug at the hearts of all basketball fans. So, I just don’t know who to take in this one. You bet your backside I’ll be filling out my bracket with the rest of the Madness fanatics on Sunday, though, and I will most likely fill out more than one until I get it just right. Although last year I did pick Michigan State and Duke in the finals, so I’m not too terrible at this game.

Enough fantasizing—the quarters game above me seems to be over so I am fresh out of excuses. Time to get back on the grind.


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