Kazaam is Out

Saquille O'Neal as Kazaam

Saquille O'Neal as Kazaam (courtesy of The Bleacher Report)

In case you haven’t signed on to Twitter lately, turned on a television, or live in a media-deprived world, here is today’s big news in sports: Shaq is retiring. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this marks the end of an era in professional sports. Hack-a-Shaq is no more. That being said, today’s post is a tribute to the gentle beast that is Saquille O’Neal. In order to do him justice, it seems only appropriate that we kick back and enjoy some Shaq-isms, but on and off the court.

The power.

The acting.

The sense of humor.

The talented rookie.

Shaq, your fans will miss you. Enjoy retirement.


Shaq kicking back (courtesy of ESPN)


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