The Graduation Bucket List

The other day I came across this bucket list and immediately felt small and insignificant. I have lived the first 22 years of my life and have done NONE of these things. (Scratch that, I’ve been to Hawaii–

The Bucket List

These guys know what's up; Courtesy of

#19– but I spent most of the time in the gym scrambling for a spot with the California Storm). Anyway, reading that bucket list inspired me to create my own. Since I am a bit of a realist, it is a much shorter scaled-down version of what I hope my lifelong bucket list will look like, but it is a start. So, here it is—a bucket list of things to do before I graduate!

  1. I WILL go skiing. This must happen before I graduate—basketball always prevented me from getting out there and now I’ve been free from that excuse for three years, so it’s time to hit the powder.
  2. Travel to an away football game for the Ducks.
  3. Make it to Sam Bonds Garage and experience the Eugene music scene.
  4. Pack a picnic lunch and hit Sweet Cheeks Winery.
  5.  See Blake Griffin play at The Rose Garden (again)—David Stern, please negotiate and end this strike or you will have some unhappy people pounding on your door come November.
  6. Land a job in the sports industry or in event planning. If that doesn’t happen before I graduate, Mom and Dad will have an unwelcomed houseguest on their doorstep.
  7. Finish the Bend Ale Trail.
  8. Make it to Black Butte—whether I hike or ski I do not care but I hear it is an unforgettable place.
  9. Ride my bike to Saturday Market at least twice a month. There’s nothing like fresh cut flowers, happy hippies and juicy berries to start off the weekend.
  10.  Last but certainly not least, I want get shots up in Matthew Knight Arena. This may happen while a security guard is chasing me in circles, but I’ll take what I can get.

While my bucket list is not half as awesome as its inspiration, I figure it is a start. Hey, at least it gives me ten things to look forward to in this victory super senior lap!


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