Throwback Thursday: Y2K

Ah, the year 2000. What a blessing. Women everywhere threw away their scrunchies and overalls while men breathed a sigh of relief. What was to come? While Y2K scares took up the majority of that first month, the rest was a breeze of Napster downloads,  Razor scooters (how awesome were those?!) and the unfortunate popularity of “Who Let the Dogs Out?”.

Let’s throw it back, shall we?

Who can forget the infamous “Feeny Call”?! Boy Meets World ran its final season that year. Tear.

Nelly sprung onto the scene with his banger “Country Grammar”. Yes, this song still frequents my playlists.

The Lakers began their quest for the three-peat championship under the leadership of new head coach, Phil Jackson.

Young Kobe, you have much to learn.

And tech-savvy household couldn’t wait to get their hands on these colorful guys.

Ah, the year 2000–an interesting crossover from the painful ’90’s into a new identity.

Oh, right. And as for my own personal throwback, I was rocking the Lady Hoops sweatshirt as a 5’10” 6th grader back in the day. No joke.

Happy Thursday!


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