Bridging the Gap from Portland to San Francisco

For the third time in a year, I stuffed all of my belongings into the good ol’ Honda CR-V and relocated my life. This time, the destination was San Francisco–and I could not be more excited about the opportunities that this city holds. So far, there are a few key lessons that I have learned about this city:

1. Just because it’s sunny out right now, doesn’t mean that you won’t be freezing your knickers off in an hour.

2. You can actually see–with your own eyes–the fog rolling into the city in the evening. It’s rather deatheater-like. (Harry Potter? Anyone?)

3. Don’t take public transportation on Outside Lands weekend. Especially when you’re going in the same direction as everyone who is going to Outside Lands. Rookie mistake.

4. Layers, layers, layers.

5. The fashion in this city far surpasses that of Portland. Sorry, Portlanders. Stop wearing Tevas.

6. On the other hand, I’ve yet to find local coffee quite like Coava or Water Avenue.

7. Prepare to spend 10% of your paycheck on eating lunch out–hardly anyone brown bags it to work.

8. I am not the tallest female in this city, and I am constantly reminded of it. Tall women of San Francisco, I applaud you. Keep on rockin’ those high heels.

9. San Franciscans avoid touristy Union Square–chic boutiques and up-and-coming designers are much more local-friendly.

10. At any point in the day, there is always a new adventure to be had and a friend to embark on it with you.

Until next time, Oregon!

Portland, I bid you adieu. Hello, San Francisco!


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